• MS's Favorite Client Workout

    Michael Steel, GRAVITY Master Trainer, UK offers up a basic full body workout with ball integration.
  • Morning Pick-me-up

    Kimberly Spreen, Master Presenter demonstrates a controled mind/body strength routine.
  • Integration GTS and TRX

  • Gliding With Glamour

    Advanced GRAVITY Pilates by Master Trainers Maria Solon and Saki Ishikawa
  • Fun At The Park

  • Feats of Flexibility

    Japan's Saki Ishikawa, GRAVITY Master Trainer of the year 2009, demonstrates a routine for gaining flexibility, and core strength
  • Elizabeth's Fusion Workout

    Elizabeth Leeds, GRAVITY Master presenter and developer exhibits a Pilates-strength fusion routine with a twist of zen.
  • Dynamic Stretch

    GRAVITY Master Trainer Helen Vanderburg takes you through a great dynamic stretch that you can use at any time for warm-up or cool down.
  • Dumbbell Intergration

    GRAVITY Master Trainers, David Snively, Canada, and Igor Castiglia, Italy, integrate more than culture in this advanced full body challenge.
  • Double Trouble

    Jing Cai and Hannah Han GRAVITY Master Trainers from China, present a total body partner workout.
  • Core Work

    Master presenter and GRAVITY developer Rob Glick coaches a client in full core integration.
  • Chad's Partner Workout

  • Cardio GRAVITY

    Carmen Diaz, Master Trainer from Spain demonstrates an intermediate cardio-endurance workout-audio in Spanish
  • Caloric Burn

    Creative ways to incorporate heart thumping exercises into your Total Gym workout.
  • Booty Butt Blast

    Peg Hamlett, Fitness Director at University of Idaho burns some booty in this glute and leg blast.
  • Back to the Core

    Maria Sollon, GMT, takes you through a core workout from the "back" perspective.
  • Total Gym Training Favorites: Back to the Core

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