Total Gym GTS®

The Heritage Collection GTS® incline trainer is designed to meet the rigorous demands of any seasoned athlete. With over 250 different exercises, the Total Gym GTS® is a complete workout machine that is able to deliver a full-body workout. Unlike most complete gym equipment, the Total Gym GTS® is designed to use a percentage of a person's own body weight as resistance.

Users work multiple muscle groups together for a complete workout that challenges proprioception and core stabilizers by integrating multi-plane movement and unrestricted range of motion in nearly every exercise.

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Item #: 5200-02


Benefits for the individual exerciser:

  • Short, efficient, full-body workout producing fast, observable, body-changing results
  • Body sculpting – recruits core abdominal and back muscles in every exercise
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Weight and inch loss, improved BMI
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and athleticism
  • Cardio-endurance gains during resistance training
  • Low impact, safe, complete back support.

Training applications and biomechanics:

  • Closed-chain partial loading of the joints
  • Work in all three cardinal planes plus multi-plane (3-D) movement
  • Unrestricted range of motion
  • Adjust cable-pulley force angles based on client size, girth, and training objective
  • Train prime stabilizers & proprioception
  • Activity-specific work hardening, including sports-specific movement
  • Explosive plyometric training for upper & lower extremities
  • Full body support, joint-friendly, non-compressive
  • Over 200 exercises & variations
  • Pilates evolved training & education
  • Reliable tool for assessing lower body strength
  • Full-spectrum of training DVDs available.


  • Adjustable glideboard promotes optimal spinal alignment during transverse movements and allows for new additional training variations.
  • Automatic rail locks allow for explosive plyometric jumping.
  • Hydraulic rail lift assists level changes and easy two-step folding.
  • Multiple center-pulley attachment points, double arm-cable load and increased lower extremity ROM.
  • LAT bars promote line-of-pull specificity for arm-cable exercises.
  • Includes workout DVD.
  • More than 250 exercises and variations from resistance training to Pilates.
  • Resistance—1% to 62% of bodyweight.


  • Unfolded: 106” x 38’ x 57” [L/W/H] (2.69 m x 0.96 m x 1.45 m)
  • Folded: 20” x 38” x 57” [L/W/H] (0.51 m x 0.96 m x 1.45 m)
  • Tubing: 1.7" x 3.2" Aluminum Extrusion (4.4cm x 8.1cm)
  • Tower is all reinforced steel, silver powder coating with internal level locking mechanism
  • User Weight: Rated to 350 lbs. body weight. (159 kg)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 500 lbs. (295 kg) Inclusive of glideboard
  • User Height Limit: 6' 5" (2.0 meters)
  • Glideboard: 16" x 48" (41 cm x 122 cm). 7 position Adjustable angles
  • Rollers: Better Sealed precision ball bearings
  • Pulleys: ABS plastic protective shield over a steel frame, Nylon roller with precision ball bearings
  • Cables: 2000 lb. test (907.2 kg) nylon 12 coated steel aircraft cable
  • Handles: Soft synthetic rubber Padded Handles with ABS swivel handle and nylon webbing for hammer grip action
  • Frame & Rail Construction: Anodized Aluminum Rails with all connections reinforce by steel or forged aluminum
  • Unit Weight: 180 lbs (82 Kg)
  • Electrical: N/A
  • Board Upholstery: Glideboard - Heavy-duty, Two-tone design, box stitched, tear-resistant vinyl
  • Foam Padding: 1 1/2" (4 cm) high rebound, high density foam.
  • Resistance Levels: 22 calibrated incline levels, with release lever to lock rails into place. 1% - 62% bodyweight
  • Storage Capabilities: Hydraulic lift assists in folding. Folds and stores upright. Rolls in hand-truck fashion.
  • Included Equipment: 7 position Adjustable Glideboard; Dynamic [unilateral/bilateral] Pulley System; Multi-point pulley attachment to tower; soft-grip LAT Bars with 7 pulley positions; Folding Foot Holder; Telescoping Squat Stand with 3 height positions and folding platform
  • Rolling Range: 40" (1.0 meters)

Warranties & Shipping

  • Frame - 5 years
  • Parts - 1 year
  • Upholstery - 6 months
  • Warranties outside the US may vary. Contact your local authorized distributor for details.
  • Shipping: Weight: 265 lbs (including pallet)
  • Shipping Size: 60" x 30" x 25" (including pallet)


How is the Total Gym GTS® implemented in gyms? 
As a functional piece of equipment that enables the user to perform over 250 different exercises the award-winning Total Gym GTS® is a complete workout machine delivering a full-body workout.

How many exercises can you perform on a Total Gym GTS®? 
You can perform over 250 exercises and variations. Here’s a link to our wide range of exercises. 


"I received my Total Gym GTS® this morning and have to say, what a great piece of equipment! When we first spoke I shared that my interest in the unit was for personal home use. Given the price, I had high expectations. Honestly, it lived up to the billing and then some. I couldn't be happier. I love the quality of the engineering and the ease at which the unit folds and unfolds. The LAT bars and pulley clamps are just one of the many things I found impressive. The smoothness of the glideboard feels like silk and I was pleased at how solid the adjustable height levels feel when elevated to different settings. When the unit arrived, the first things I opened were the accessory boxes. I knew immediately I was going to be impressed given the quality of the finish and solid, durable feeling with each bar. The unit was packed very well and the ease of set up couldn't have been simpler."- Bob B.

"I got the Total Gym GTS® yesterday. Put it together last night. Worked out this morning. This model is worth every penny. The quality is fantastic. I like the engineering touches - no banging pull up bar with glide bench when you do squats, everything was well thought out. Really, really nice. I am very happy."- Doug, Phoenix, AZ

"We love GRAVITY. The best revenue generator at my club!" - Vander Schmatz, Horsham Athletic Club

"I like how versatile the Total Gym GTS® is. I enjoy teaching and participating in group workouts on the Total Gym GTS® because it’s an engaging piece of equipment, and the group makes it more fun. I think participants are surprised how effective and challenging the Total Gym GTS® is. The Total Gym GTS® gives our participants, that wouldn’t participate in strength or resistance training on their own, a great option to do so in a supervised group setting. Participants with different fitness levels can use it as a group because there are options for progressions/regressions and ability to increase/decrease tower height for resistance. I believe that by having the Total Gym GTS® machines we are making an impact on our student staff - it’s giving them a great option to train and teach in. They are able to provide a new element to their programming." - Auburn University trainer

"We love Total Gym!  I have 5 Total Gym GTS® units in my clinic and the GRAVITY program has helped a ton of patients be fit and lose weight.  It keeps them connected to our practice and adds a great option for our business."- David Browser, TexPTs

"The Total Gym GTS® allows participants to work at their own fitness level together in a larger group, so as an instructor, you can maximize the use of the machines by teaching in larger groups. The group dynamic is fun and inviting for women who do not want to strength train, but men are humbled when they use the machine for the first time and find out how challenging the group workout can be."- Auburn University Trainer

"We love our Total Gym GTS®.  We use it for all levels of patients and exercise class participants.  Our "bootcamp" exercisers get a great workout and love progressing the difficulty of their jump drills."- Eddie Benner, Advanced Rehabilitation & Health Specialists

"We have Total Gyms in all of our clinics.  Big fans of the Total Gym GTS®.  We use it for most of our patients.  Very patient-friendly."- Americo Rodrigues, Integrated Rehab

"I love Total Gym GTS® and GRAVITY - our members say it changes their bodies: stronger, leaner and it's all fun. We recouped the cost of our Total Gym GTS's® in 6 months with our small group training."- Michele Melkerson, BB Fitness Studios



Folding the Total Gym GTS

Unfolding the Total Gym GTS

Total Gym Basic Demonstration

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Chuck G.

Recovery to Health

Having owned the XLS model for 15 years, I recently upgraded to the GTS model. The GTS is smooth and versatile as the bench provides a good foundation to work in many planes of motion. The pulley on either side of the tower can be positioned to provide unrestricted flow when performing chest as well as other upper exercises. The additional height, and range of exercises was a plus for me. Total GYM TV provides clear training insight to match your physical needs. Since purchasing the GTS in Oct 2018, lost 20, re-built my core to stabilize lower back issues and be keep up with the grandchildren !! HAHA . Have also started to promote and show the product to a 60+ group to help keep them in shape, as many have back issues stemming from muscle breakdown. Tom Campanaro and Family builds a quality, long lasting and versatile product - keep it up!!

Peter K.
United States United States

Very well built machine!

Very smooth operation. Really built strong and sturdy. My only complaint is the lack of exercise information. This unit has features not found on the lower priced models like the adjustable platform that can be horizontal, the folding lay bars as well as the push up bars. I have searched for TotalGym videos and DVDs that are specific to the GTS model but none exist. Sure you can find some generic videos covering the basic machines but not specific to the GTS. They have been selling these for years but virtually no exercise information from the company. They rely upon others to produce videos. Very strange business practice.

Dickey H.
United States United States

So far all is good

Still to early to say, only had for 20 days, but the quality of the unit seem to be made well and very sturdy. I'm able to move trough different setting and position with ease. We will see how it hold up to my 6ft 310lb frame.

United States United States

Loving it

Excellent!! Your team was very helpful and great to work with through the ordering and shipping process. Our machine was a breeze to put together and our whole family is using it.

Eddie B.


We love our Total Gym GTS. We use it for all levels of patients and exercise class participants. Our "bootcamp" exercisers get a great workout and love progressing the difficulty of their jump drills.