How to Look & Feel the Way You Want

Paul Chek shares his innovative formula for total-body transformation achieved from the inside out. Learn how to diagnose yourself or your clients’ essential health needs in order to understand how training programs that work, work. Join renowned holistic health practitioner Paul Chek in this interactive lecture on How to Look and Feel the Way You Want.

Learn how to use effective and efficient diet, exercise and lifestyle methods by connecting with the 4 Doctors for optimal training results.Apply the principles of Dr. Quiet, Dr. Diet, Dr. Happiness and Dr.Movement to utilize a training paradigm that gets results.


Join Paul Chek for this educational lecture on how to use highly-effective and efficient diet, exercise and lifestyle methods that address individual health needs. Determine whether you or your clients' needs for body shape transformation are the result of excess Yin or excess Yang and adjust your general expense of energy and resources accordingly.


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  • DVD 1: 96 minutes, DVD 2: 90 minutes

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Total Gym Workout: How to Look and Feel the Way You Want - Preview