Total Gym BAPS Adapter

Provides attachment point for Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS board) to allow controlled closed chain rehab and conditioning for accurate, calibrated and predictable stress on the lower leg, ankle and foot. Appropriate for rehab as well as for functional assessments, pre-activity screenings and conditioning programs.

Item #: P2505

Requires Closed Chain Platform - sold separately; Gym Compatibility: 5300-04 RS Encompass PowerTower, 5200-E1 RS Encompass, 5200-B2 ELEVATE Encompass, 5200-02 Total Gym GTS


Designed to be used in conjunction with BAPS for early closed-chain functional movement patterns of the lower limb in a controlled, partially-loaded environment.

Client specific progressions can be designed by clinicians and trainers to increase functional abilities and accelerate outcomes safely and gradually.

Adjustable levels of ROM for functionally progressive rehab.

Supine positioning allows for partial weight-bearing as low as 1% of body weight to aid in strengthening and enhanced ROM.

Works with all closed-chain platform units in the Total Gym line.


The BAPS Adapter inserts and attaches to the closed chain platform accessory.

Adjustable, with five proportionally calibrated levels to allow precise control over the degree of motion stress.

Steel construction provides long-lasting durability.

*Requires Closed Chain Platform – sold separately

Warranties & Shipping

  • Warranty: One Year
  • Shipping: Shipping weight 17.0 lbs
  • Box size: 6 x 6 x 6 inches