Total Gym Total Gym Dip Bars, Retractable

Item #: 5106-01

Retractable dip bars provide specificity to dip exercises targeting the triceps and pectorals for strength and conditioning. This uniquely designed adjustable dip bar attachment  rotates up for use, then rotates down and retracts inward to store parallel to the rails for maximum space efficiency.

Item #: 5106-01

Gym Compatibility: 5200-02 Total Gym GTS (Note: Encompass units include Dip Bars pre-installed)



The Retractable Dip Bars enable you to target all three heads of the triceps, providing a true Dip movement pattern and an excellent alternative to dips performed with the pulley system or traditional dip bar exercise equipment.

Able to retract and store for space efficiancy, the dip bar attachment enables users to perform tricep strengthening dips using only a percentage of their own bodyweight.


  • Install Retractable Dip Bars, then leave them in place. They retract and fold out of the way when they are not in use.
  • Black-power coated 

    Warranties & Shipping

    • Warranty: One Year
    • Shipping: Shipping weight 6 lbs
    • Box size: 17" x 10" x 4"


    Total Gym Accessory: Retractable Dip Bars