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In order to keep your Total Gym equipment working smoothly, you will want to make sure to give it a good clean on a regular basis.  Here are a few tips from your Total Access experts!


1. Wipe down all padded surfaces with antibacterial cleanser after each use.

2. Move the glideboard up and down rails to ensure smooth rolling. If glideboard does not roll smoothly, clean rails and wheels thoroughly.


1. Inspect all cables for wear or damage. Replace damaged cables.

2. Wipe down rails with a non-corrosive cleaner.

3. Clean all surface areas for aesthetics.

4. Check all screws, fasteners and knobs to ensure they are installed correctly and tightened.

5. Check for ease of use when changing levels. Report any difficulty in changing levels.

6. Visually and functionally check all pulleys for smooth operation. Clean as needed.

7. Check all pads, fabric or foam for wear and replace as needed.

  1.  Foot holder pads
  2. Glideboard upholstery
  3. Pulley handles


1. Remove glideboard for visual inspection of wheels. Clean any debris accumulated on the wheel assembly.

2. Inspect rubber stoppers.

3. Visually inspect glideboard for tearing or punctures.

4. Check all additional accessories for proper function and wear.

5. Replace all parts that show signs of wear. Contact Customer Service in USA at 858-586-6080 or contact the approved distributor in your country.