Mindful Mechanics

International presenter and educator, Robert Sherman introduces a yoga based GRAVITY workout, founded in “the breath” that presents movement essentials for beginner exercisers and any athlete who wants to expand performance. Mindful Mechanics provides an amazing total body experience that progressively focuses on strength, flexibility and range of motion. Initially building awareness relative to movement quality, Mindful Mechanics transitions to functional integration of upper and lower extremities and finishes with broad movement perspectives that advance performance.


Home exercisers can easily follow along and gain control, knowledge and strength from this yoga-based workout.
In-club GRAVITY Trainers can offer an amazing mind-body session with yoga-based influence and tempo.
Physical Therapists looking for some additional tools to add to their knowledge base of Total Gym exercises can benefit from this yoga fusion program.


  • DVD
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  • Mindful Mechanics™ Workout
  • Exercise breakdowns
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  • Approximate Running time: 53 minutes

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    Total Gym Workout: Mindful Mechanics Preview