High Performance Training with Paul Chek

Join in as, Holistic Health Practitioner and trainer of world-class athletes, Paul Chek shares practical tips for designing high-performance exercise programs. Learn how to look at each client as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being and how to manage the body’s cybernetic system to realize increased athletic performance. 

You’ll learn what high-performance really is, how to determine your client’s level of readiness to exercise relative to their goals, how to select the exercises based on Chek’s Primal Pattern movement system and how to balance your client’s work/rest ratio for optimal recovery and performance gains.


High Performance Training is part two in our Program Design Lecture Series with Paul Chek. Trainers learn how to approach a client as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being (P-E-M-S). Since the body is a cybernetic system, or a system of systems, Chek maintains that one cannot truly achieve high-performance by training the body alone.


  • Client Readiness
  • Primal Pattern Movements
  • Movement Analysis
  • Using the Total Gym

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