Fresh Breath Two

Led by Elizabeth Leeds, DPT and inspired by traditional and evolved mat, reformer and Cadillac exercises, the Fresh Breath Series gradually progresses participants with respect to coordination, tempo, control and strength.In this second of three workouts, Fresh Breath Two participants build on awareness and strength by incorporating compound movements that require synchronicity and coordination.

*Includes Music CD Sound Track


Home exercisers will enjoy the fresh pace and integrated movement patterns and get a new perspective on Pilates training while developing control and coordination as well as focus and concentration.

GRAVITY Trainers with Pilates certifications will find an unprecedented energy associated with the new and progressive movement patterns as well as the attention to focused control that can be easily cued and picked up by participants.

Physical Therapists can continue to grow their repertoire of movements that can be incorporated into treatment protocol, particularly from isolation to integration training proximal stability to distal mobility.




  • Introduction to Fresh Breath Two
  • Safety Instructions
  • Fresh Breath Two Workout
  • Exercise Sequence Breakdowns
    • Approximate Running time: 61 minutes

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    Total Gym Workout: Fresh Breath Two Preview