Burn Under Full Force

GRAVITY Burn Under Full Force is “go hard” training for “get noticed” results! Advance human performance with three game changing Total Gym workouts - Strength, Cardio and Active Rest - for ultimate body transformation.

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Burn Under Full Force offers the essential components of a balanced fitness program--muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio strength, cardio endurance and stretching. Master Trainer-led, Strength, Cardio and Active Rest workouts are designed to uniquely challenge the body in new and different ways by varying the stress placed on specific muscles and the cardio vascular system to avoid adaptation. Don't be fooled - Burn Under Full Force will live up to its name!


  • 3-DVD Set
  • Safety Instructions Workout
  • Exercise Series
  • Approximate Running time:
  • Strength 55 minutes, Cardio 50 minutes, Active Rest 44 minutes

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  • Box size: 9.00" x 2.00" x 12.00


Total Gym Workout: Burn Under Full Force (BUFF) Preview